Always there for you

Sanamba was founded in 2004 to provide international support services to sectors related to the improvement of Quality of Life. 

We work in close collaboration with private and public sector organisations in the countries where we operate. This enables us to provide a wider range of services and increase our working capacity to fit our clients' needs.

Our multidisciplinary operation is formed by a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals with established backgrounds in designing and implementing business models for companies in numerous sectors and in an international environment. Our language and negotiation skills enable our client base to benefit from the added value of accessing the right target contacts for every project.

One of our main strengths as a company is the specialised routes to market we have established and the nurturing of relationships. Working in this industry creates an ever-evolving list of important contacts with which we maintain continuous communication. They include distributors and retailers, restaurants and hotels, corporate organisations, final consumer and strategic contacts with investors, local Governments, media, charities, universities, field experts and others.

The direct benefit for our clients is that new projects can quickly grow through conversation with established, trusted links.

Privacy and confidentiality are always top priorities in the work we undertake as is the aim to maximise resources and simplify procedures.

If you require more information about any aspect of our business please contact us.