Sanamba is proud to bring new and exciting tastes to the UK market. Our collection of wines and gourmet foods are carefully selected to make certain they are attuned to the palates of UK consumers.

Our customers are independent wine merchants, delicatessen shops, farm shops and garden centres that sell top quality products to a discerning groups of customers.

Gourmet FoodsWines
Our wine portfolio is hand picked from producers who have been creating delicious red, white and rose for many decades. Each shares a common trait, quality. We only select wines we believe can provide a viable, competitive and premium alternative on the shelves of our independent retail partners.

Gourmet Foods
Gourmet Foods Our gourmet food collection offers a variety of products to delight and entice UK consumers. Each of the gourmet foods we choose to export are native to the region of origin, from salts, spices and paprika to figs and virgin olive oils. Each carefully prepared and professionally packaged to catch the eye of browsing customers.

Other artisan products
We also import and distribute decorative pottery and useful craftware such as wine accessories and tableware that perfectly complement the food and wine ranges.

Most lines can be personalised to be used as merchandise if desired.


Our portfolio of quality wines and gourmet foods are some of the very best available to UK independents. The wine and gourmet food lists provide a mixture of quality, price and character.

We appreciate our retail partners need to make a living; so we take care, and feel a great responsibility, when advising which of our products we think would work for them.

The quality wines we import from small, selected regional producers bring a ‘wow’ to any independent retailer who chooses to stock them. To support the introduction of a new wine, Sanamba offer to host a free wine tasting at the retail partners shop for their customers to experience the unique flavours.

Each sales channel is monitored to spot sales trends, gather valuable feedback and maintain stocks to maximise sales opportunities. Our product selection is regularly reviewed and updated to keep our retail partners enthused and drive their sales throughout the year.