Wine and gourmet food producers often spend a great deal of their time and financial resources attending trade fairs and organising trips to meet potential importers, sometimes with undesirable results.

We appreciate how building a route into a new international market can be a painstaking, time consuming and expensive project. Even if the right type of importer or distributor is identified, it is not unusual for producers to make an initial sale and then lose contact with the buyer in some markets.

Sanamba can take this burden away: our services free up producersĀ“ resources  so that they can continue doing what they do best.

Our services consist of a comprehensive package: once the product has been selected by our experts and its potential market successfully trialled, we put our integrated export and distribution facility at the disposal of our clients, with the added benefit of tailored marketing and promotion programmes to enable durable access to the chosen market.

For Producers with an interest in the markets where we operate and no current distribution, Sanamba can become
a reliable and effective representative and a cost-effective option to enter the destination market.

For those with current distribution arrangements in the markets where we operate, Sanamba offers a promotional route that can increase sales and improve distribution.

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