Our work for wine and gourmet food producers

Sanamba offers a comprehensive solution to producers with no commercial representation in the markets where we operate.

Quality is the most important element of the work we do. It is therefore essential for us to select wine and food producers of the highest standard.

In order to assess the quality of products from new producers and their suitability for the markets where we operate, we regularly carry out product selection sessions both in the destination country and in the regions of origin.

Once a product has been selected by our experts, we prepare it for its commercial introduction into the new country and organise a market test to study the viability of the selected products. We often make a first import of product at this stage.

In line with the results of the market test, we make recommendations about the best way forward to build sales for the products that show to be commercially viable in the new market.

The cost of our market introduction services is typically a fraction of what producers spend trying to identify international distributors and it can be considered an investment since every step leads to an outcome that has specific objectives and is controlled by the producer.

Furthermore, our way of working guarantees a distribution channel in the destination market for products that show commercial potential during the market test.

For producers already represented in the markets where we operate and those introduced by us, we also organise regular sales and marketing programmes with the aim to boost sales.

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